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Oldham Lab

Welcome to the Oldham Lab
at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography!

Research in the Oldham lab focuses on the redox chemistry of biologically relevant trace elements in dynamic systems like hydrothermal vents, polar regions and coastal systems.

Such sites typically have intense gradients – either pH, redox potential, salinity, or productivity. Gradient sites present the opportunity for novel metabolisms and metabolites to arise, resulting in complex and often coupled redox cycling. Parsing out reaction rates and mechanisms at such sites is critical for better predicting the impacts of changing oceanic conditions on oceanic primary productivity.

The central focus of our work is to examine trace element reaction rates, coupled redox cycles and bioavailability in aquatic systems. In particular, the lab uses a combination of trace metal and classical chemical techniques to shed light on the coupled cycles of trace elements like Mn and Fe with other important elements like iodine, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. These reactions are critical for better understanding oceanic models of element distribution in changing conditions – like oceanic deoxygenation and changing pH.

Current Projects


The newly established Oldham Lab is open to applications from enthusiastic and motivated students interested in pursuing a graduate education in the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. We also welcome undergraduate students interested in getting lab experience. Please e-mail me to learn more!

About Me

My research career started in Canada, focusing primarily on limnology at Trent University and chemistry at the University of Toronto. Following that, I spent time as a technician at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science, where I began my research on trace element speciation. I completed a PhD at the University of Delaware with Dr. George Luther, focusing on redox reaction rates and the chemical speciation of manganese, followed by a post-doc at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution learning about solid phase mineralogy and microbial geochemistry.

Currently, I focus on combining multiple techniques for examining coupled redox cycles at systems where reaction rates are rapid. My research relies heavily on both field and laboratory studies, and I am always excited to try new techniques in new systems.

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